You’re an entertainment act, a comedian, a band or like me a comedy hypnotist. Or you’re a therapist or counsellor who wants paying clients.
You have a website.
It should bring you bookings and inquiries but it doesn’t. Nowhere near enough anway.
Not a Pitch
Just some experience in technology and advertising and now that I am a full time entertainer – some thoughts on why your website sucks.
I get 92% of my show inquiries and bookings via my website. I have no day job. I live in Australia and getting booking inquiries from all around the world.
Building Websites Used to be Hard
You used to have to be a real nerd to make a website. But now thanks to systems like WordPress, almost anyone can do it. 
People can give up their minimum wage job selling stationery or serving at Walmart and become a WordPress developer after a 2 day course.
They don’t know much worth a damn but you know more than you, so they look like geniuses.
And with WordPress the open secret is that anything the client asks for you can provide by downloading a theme or plugin, often for free, and always cheap, that will do it. You don’t need to know much about anything. And the clients are always impressed.
Sorry Folks
I’m sorry to tell you that internet marketing success is a bit more complicated than that. And also a whole lot easier when you “get it”.
And your website – even though you might not think of it like that – is a part of your marketing strategy even if you don’t have one.
Quit With The Excuses
You’ve probably got a lot of reasons why you’re not getting enough bookings from your website. Perhaps it is a tough market. Maybe you’re not famous enough. Perhaps if you had another qualification etc.
If I had more money then I could afford a better website  is another great one.
But those are not the real reasons. So  come along and listen to what I have to say.
You Will Be Informed
After this session you’ll know more. You won’t be an expert – that takes more than 3 hours. Instead you’ll know more about what is going on, and where to focus your efforts to get those bookings and clients.
I won’t share you the “7 secrets of online success” because that stuff is BS. There literally are no secrets – it is all there right in front of you if you look at it the right way. I can show you where and how you can find those answers for yourself.
I’m not going to tell you the answers you’ll come up with – I’m going to ask you some real doozy questions instead. I’ll tell you how I answered them for myself. And why your answers will be different. Those answers will change everything for you.
Aside: Do You Suffer From Premature _________
Don’t worry – lots of people (especially men) suffer from this. It is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m talking about premature closure. $5 gets you $10 that when you read the blurb above you thought to yourself, “oh, I know, he’s going to talk bout X”. Bet you did. I bet you think you know something about this. That’s the trap. What you think you know is holding you back. This session is also about cracking open what you think you know and taking it to a deeper level. 
Who’s Gerard?

Gerard V is a full time comedy hypnotist and serial entrepreneur based in Australia and performing everywhere.

Prior to his life on stage he was a senior Information Technology manager and an Advertising Executive among his many corporate career moves. He has had business ventures in computers, consulting, adult education, import-export, real estate and now in entertainment.

He has spent the last 12 years learning about and understanding web sites and online marketing as it applies to hypnotists like himself.

He’s the first to tell you that he is not a guru, just a passionate learner. And he has learned a lot! He gains over 90% of his show bookings directly through his website. He is busy and popular as an entertainer, and is a great speaker.

He’ll show you how the web really works and what you can do to maximise the effectiveness of your website.