Social media, apps, and the web continue to be effective ways to grow your business. And one day you could have it ALL TAKEN AWAY because of threats you didn’t even know could happen.
You MUST protect your digital properties as you grow and hire help with them. Otherwise, you could be trapped by one of these pitfalls and lose everything you spent time creating.
Curtis is going to walk you through the most effective strategies for protecting your websites while growing your business online. Your job is to see if you’ve made any of the mistakes he shares… and do something about it. On your own or with a web professional (eg. a web designer).
About Curtis Floth
Curtis Floth has been helping companies grow their websites for over 20 years. He has been responsible for small business to large eCommerce website, generating millions of dollars in sales.
During his career, he has seen these mistakes happen. Costing the businesses sales, revenue, and worse. As the owner of Website Moxie, he’s helping companies grow their websites AND stop risking their web properties.
Attend and learn about the hidden pitfalls to avoid with your websites.