Developing Gold Medal Mental Toughness in Athletes

Even the most physically and technically talented athlete cannot perform at the highest level without completion of the training  triangle.  Mental toughness is essential to an athlete’s overall success and is largely ignored with individuals and teams.  This often leaves athletes with a sense of confusion, disappointment and an overall feeling of failure. When an athletes trains well all season without the benefit of success, the lack of “pay-off” can also lead to depression, lack of motivation and loss of love for the sport.  This program will offer a guide for introducing athletes and teams to the concept of mental toughness.  It will teach hypnotists how to quickly assess the athlete’s current level of mental toughness and offer techniques and guidelines for taking them through the process.

Behavioral Learning Objectives:
1. Provide a clear definition of athletic mental toughness for participants.
2. Participants will be introduced to a Mental Toughness Assessment that can be used to help the athlete quickly identify opportunities for change. (The AIM Mental Toughness Assessment, Larry Neidigh , Ph.D.)
3. Participants will be exposed to a process to help individuals or teams develop skills and make any adjustments they need to perform successfully at future competitions.



About Joni:

Joni Johnston Neidigh is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida, and has been in private practice for over 26 years.  Joni is also a Certified Clinical Hypnotist  and an instructor for ICBCH who specializes  in athletic performance. She has helped develop athletes from age-group to Olympians and professionals in the sport of swimming.  Joni works with USA registered swimmers and coaches all over the country. She has hosted and worked with coaches and teams from other countries as well including Spain, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Scotland and more. Joni has been a presenter at clubs, coaches clinics, high schools and colleges around the country for the past 15 years. She is the owner and founder of AIM Hypnosis and Sports Counseling and is known for helping athletes, coaches and parents learn to improve their mental game in a fun and easy way. Joni has also been a presenter at hypnosis conventions and is the author of AIM Gold Medal Mental Toughness Success Guide.