Profitable Presentations with Rich Guzzi

$2000 ($3500 value)
Beginning August 5 2020 – 12 Week Course
Online Training Experience Taught by Rich Guzzi
Turn Your Area of Expertise into Profit
Create Your Own Product Line
Design your Web Site Sales Page
Craft Your Marketing Materials

Social Media Marketing Live Web Training

$300 $500 value
Beginning June 30, 2020
10 Week Program – Class Every Tuesday
Develop Your Own Social Media Marketing Strategy
Grow Your Business with Social Media
Keep up to date with the changes made by Facebook (Get More Likes)
Taught by Jolana Andre – Social Media Marketing Expert

Gorilla Hypnosis - Hypnotize Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

$1600 $5000 Value
Date: October 3-4, 2020 in Nashville, TN
Live Training Experience Taught by Rich Guzzi
Limited participants
Master 5 Techniques to hypnotize even the toughest subjects
Lunch and Dinner is included

ICBCH Hypnotist Certification

$1,500 $2,500
Date: TBA
You Will Become a Certified Hypnotist
3 Day Workshop Combined with video training, audios and practicing exercises.
Taught by Jolana Andre – a ICBCH Certified Trainer & Certified Hypnotist Rich Guzzi.

Stage Hypnosis Mastery Class

$250 a month ($1000 value)
Date: Every Monday Via Zoom 9:30 EST with RICH GUZZI
Build an ELITE Show that puts YOU in the Top 10%
Learn how to Book as many shows as you want
Write Brand New COMEDY Sketches with Comics
Become AMAZING at Hypnosis in ANY situation.
How to be GREAT on TV & Radio.
Have a Long and Lucrative Career.

Stage Hypnosis Done Right

$200 ($1000 value)
Date: Two Day Seminar – May 30 – 31 – Noon – 2:00 pm EST with Rich Guzzi
Understand the 8 Essential Steps for an Amazing Show from Beginning to the End
Learn the structure to write a killer pre-talk that is not only humorous but effective
Gain confidence to get volunteers hypnotized every time
Explore how to write funny unique show bits
Learn how to market before, during & after the show to maximize your income