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The "IT" Factor

Live Training January 10-11, 2023 in Nashville, TN

How would you like to walk into any room and be the one who lights it up? Be the person that everyone wants to be around.

Imagine possessing that “Presence,” an unseen force of gravitational pull that draws people to you like a magnet.

You have seen these people before and asked yourself what does this person have and whatever IT is I want IT too.

Let’s call it that. THE IT FACTOR. 

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This 3-day live course and will give you a solid foundation in hypnosis.

  • Start a new career
  • Learn to hypnotize anyone in any situation.
  • Be able to help others.
  • Expand your hypnotic skills for stage shows or public speaking

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Jan 31 - Feb. 2, 2023 - Nashville, TN

This 3 Day Training Course that will bring your show to the next level.

  • Day1: The 8 Essential Steps to an Amazing Performance
  • Day 2: How to Double Your Income Doing Comedy Hypnosis Show
  • Day 3: Writing and Performing New Killer Comedy Routines

BONUS:  Live Show one night of the training and analysis afterwards.

BONUS:  All Meals Included

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  • Perform Hypnosis At An EXPERT Level for 1 Person or 1000
  • Learn How To Book As Many Shows As You Want And Never Worry About Competition
  • Write Brand New COMEDY Sketches, Stories and Routines with Professional Comics
  • Become AMAZING at Hypnosis in ANY situation By Doing What Only The Elite Stage Performers Can Do.
  • How to be GREAT on Social Media, TV & Radio
  • Have a Long and Lucrative Career By Becoming A Walking Lead Machine All Day Every Day

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