• Build a Professional Working Sales Funnel in 10 weeks
  • Complete Step By Step Hold Your Hand Bootcamp
  • Finally Build an Automation System That WORKS
  • Find, Nurture, Sell, Up Sell and Stay in Touch with Clients
  • Make More Money – Work Less Time
  • Create the 24-7-365 Business Generating Sales Machine that flies on Autopilot so you can do the work that you LOVE to do.

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  • Master Only 5 Techniques to hypnotize even the toughest subjects – DEEP!
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  • Full Hands-On Training For Every Possible Scenario You Will Ever Encounter

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Super Advanced Covert Hypnotic Techniques
  • Super Powered inductions for skeptics and difficult subjects that work anywhere anytime anybody.
  • Speed Profiling Coursework.   How to evaluate and close anybody quickly and easily.  Learned in 1 day.
  • How to develop scripts that slip past the human brain to gain massive compliance.  Mind Hacking made easy.
  • Advanced Story Telling that makes you irresistible.  The Connect the Dots System
  • How to Sell anything on any medium.  Live, TV, Radio, Email, Text, Phone, Web Copy and more. Become a Super Closer.

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Induction VIP DAY that will cover advanced training techniques Inductions.

  • Induction Deep Dive.
  • Advanced Methodology of how to induce hypnosis in every situation.
  • Practice sessions on live subjects.

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PERFORMING VIP DAYS that will cover advanced training techniques Hypnosis Performance.

  • Performing Hypnosis Deep Dive.
  • Corporate Presentations, Stage, Street, Radio, TV and Special Guest Presenters.

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LIVE TRAINING - January 6-8, 2023

Go from being just a sales agent to sales OPERATIVE

  • This training shows you how to stack the deck in your favor in every aspect of sales.
  • From selling a product or service in any medium, online, live, groups, phone and more
  • To selling Yourself and your agenda to random meetups or otherwise.

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This 3-day live course and will give you a solid foundation in hypnosis.

  • Start a new career
  • Learn to hypnotize anyone in any situation.
  • Be able to help others.
  • Expand your hypnotic skills for stage shows or public speaking

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Jan 31 - Feb. 2, 2023 - Nashville, TN

This 3 Day Training Course that will bring your show to the next level.

  • Day1: The 8 Essential Steps to an Amazing Performance
  • Day 2: How to Double Your Income Doing Comedy Hypnosis Show
  • Day 3: Writing and Performing New Killer Comedy Routines

BONUS:  Live Show one night of the training and analysis afterwards.

BONUS:  All Meals Included

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  • This class is limited to 10 Hypnotists ONLY.
  • We bring in professional comedy writers and headlining comedians to write a Band New KILLER Hypnosis Show for YOU.
  • This training is HANDS ON as you will work with 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 and sometimes up to 5 professional writers at one time in a SNL Like format.

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  • Perform Hypnosis At An EXPERT Level for 1 Person or 1000
  • Learn How To Book As Many Shows As You Want And Never Worry About Competition
  • Write Brand New COMEDY Sketches, Stories and Routines with Professional Comics
  • Become AMAZING at Hypnosis in ANY situation By Doing What Only The Elite Stage Performers Can Do.
  • How to be GREAT on Social Media, TV & Radio
  • Have a Long and Lucrative Career By Becoming A Walking Lead Machine All Day Every Day

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