• Perform Hypnosis At An EXPERT Level for 1 Person or 1000
  • Learn How To Book As Many Shows As You Want And Never Worry About Competition
  • Write Brand New COMEDY Sketches, Stories and Routines with Professional Comics
  • Become AMAZING at Hypnosis in ANY situation By Doing What Only The Elite Stage Performers Can Do.
  • How to be GREAT on Social Media, TV & Radio
  • Have a Long and Lucrative Career By Becoming A Walking Lead Machine All Day Every Day

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This will be a 2 plus hour training with a VERY unique addition.  Not only will you learn inductions but you will be DOING inductions the night of the event.  We have put together an extremely powerful protocol that will have you being a hypnotic beast in no time.


  • 2 Plus hours of training and coaching from the 2 most powerful induction names on the planet
  • The UNEDITED replay of the training to go over again at your leisure.
  • Audio of induction to copy so you can practice at home
  • Induction Scripts
  • BONUS Q&A with John and Rich to ask anything you want.

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$540 Value


  • How to REALLY book shows in the high school and college markets. It’s NOT what you have been told before.
  • How to write COMEDY at an expert level. Pre-talks, Bits, Sketches, Crowd Work, even your sales pitch should be COMEDY.
  • How to do great hypnosis on Media.
  • To Develop a product line and sell it.
  • Get repeat business to put your calendar on cruise control.
  • How to land the EXTRA gigs that pay the BIG dollars
  • How to make your show a lead magnet machine for your clinical work.
  • The easiest and fastest way to guarantee a full calendar of shows.

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  • Activating your own Hypnotic thinking processes for greater impact and results.
  • Harnessing your unstoppable power of personal intent as an overwhelming Hypnotic force.
  • How to create success before you even begin.
  • Insider secrets to hypnotize people most anyplace, anywhere, anytime.
  • The power of pre-talks as pre-hypnotizing.
  • Using humor as a fixation point for trance speed and depth.
  • 5 revenue streams every hypnotist should be earning.

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$540 Value

  • Be The STAR In Any Room YOU Walk Into
  • Create Killer Confidence In Any Situation
  • Crush The Charisma Scale And Have Everyone Love You
  • Lead Like A Pro By Being An Effective Communicator
  • Be AMAZING On Social Media, TV & Radio
  • Live Like A Celebrity All Day Every Day

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  • 2 Days of Training – Aug. 3-4, 2021 HypnoThoughts Live 2021 Post Conference
  • Limited Availability: Only A Few Spots Left, Don’t Miss Out
  • Master Only 5 Techniques to hypnotize even the toughest subjects – DEEP!
  • Be Among The Most ELITE Hypnotists On the Planet
  • Full Hands-On Training For Every Possible Scenario You Will Ever Encounter

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  • You will understand what hypnosis is and it’s benefits
  • You will be able to safely hypnotize other people
  • You will know how to structure suggestions in a meaningful way, to help others benefit from hypnosis
  • You will learn about different clinical approaches and how you can get started in the hypnosis industry

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  • 8 Week Program To Build Out Your Platforms
  • Have A Professional Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel
  • Know Exactly Who And How To Market To Your IDEAL Client
  • Create A Post Calendar To Deliver Valuable Content Easily
  • Learn How to Make Great Video To Grow Your Accounts Fast
  • EVERYTHING Done So You Can Finally Concentrate On Your Business

Only $27

$500 Value

  • How to Hypnotize Anybody, Anyplace, Anytime.   Even Hard Subjects in adverse conditions
  • The right way to start the conversation in any location without tuning into the creepy hypnotist
  • How to be great on TV, Podcasts and Radio interviews
  • Be the life of the party or any room you walk into.
  • The strategies to use in any situation to advertise your hypnosis business and get clients in droves
  • The 5 revenue streams that every hypnotist should be taking advantage of.

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