Performing Hypnosis Mastery


Performing Hypnosis Mastery

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STAGE:  The primary location of a performance designed to entertain an audience

HYPNOSIS:  The induction of a state of consciousness in which a person loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion and direction

MASTERY:  Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment

Every stage hypnosis training taught today has two significant flaws:

  1. The trainers show you how THEY do a show step by step but never actually give YOU a system for putting together the assets to build YOUR show. 
  2. The venues that the trainers will tell you to go after are being sought after by the same trainers themselves and the ever-growing number of new people being training.

Then the problem gets amplified even further as many of the trainers themselves were never comedians in the first place, so have no real way to show you the formula to do a real COMEDY Hypnosis Show. What they are doing is training you to perform a Hypnosis Demonstration. 

Now to be fair, a Hypnosis Demonstration is realistically “good enough” for the shows that they want you to try and book. However, you still have the problem of more and more newly trained hypnotists going after all the easy high school and college gigs, driving the price down more and more. It is a race to the bottom.

What if there was a way never to have to worry about another hypnotist ever undercutting you again?

How would you like to write your own ticket and be able to book shows anytime you wanted?

Imagine having a show so great; the venue was ready to book you for another engagement.

My name is Rich Guzzi. I have been on stages all over the world for three decades and have done more than 10,000 shows. Every aspect of the Comedy Hypnosis Show Business has been thoroughly dissected and analyzed in the past 30 years and has come together in this training here now for you.

This training is NOT a quick in and out training. It is MASTERING the complete system and you having the assets in place to build a career. Every month we develop and build a new section to create a unique show. Also, you gain business skills you can put into practice to build your business. No ridiculous, useless theory that gets you nowhere.

READY TO BECOME A MASTER? This training will give you elite status in the industry. Very few will be able to match your proficiency on the stage in the world of hypnosis.


Live Web-Based  ZOOM Training Course


Go month to month. No long term commitment. Every month master a new section of your training.


  • How to write a killer pre-talk that gets huge laughs
  • Get fantastic subjects to volunteer every show and in droves.
  • Eliminate problems before they ever happen
  • Make subjects hypnotize themselves – EASILY.
  • Learn how to read a large group of subjects quickly.
  • Find every great subject in the room.
  • Let the audience pick the stars of the show.
  • Keep every chair filled with hypnotized subjects.
  • How to get everyone to level 6 Hypnosis depth during the show
  • Write unique comedy hypnosis sketches that blow away the competition.
  • Give your audience an amazing experience while painting hypnosis in a good light.
  • How to give the crowd more comedy wow factor 
  • Do killer instant inductions for even more WOW factor.
  • Add post-hypnotic suggestions to build fanfare after the show is over.

Do every show for FREE and make more than 90% of all other hypnotists on the planet.   OK. Now I am not going to let you work for no money. However, I am going to show you how you could and still crush your competition!

  • Build a lasting career
  • How to do amazing media. Radio, TV, Newspaper, etc
  • The Five Revenue Streams
  • How to book your gigs
  • The 3 – MUST BOOK weeks of the year AND – So Much More

PLUS BONUS: How to perform a successful VIRTUAL SHOW on Zoom. Just did one, and it was a SUPER SUCCESS.  

BONUS BONUS: Anyone signed up for the STAGE HYPNOSIS MASTERY class can get the LIVE 3-day Training/Workshop in either Nashville TN or Las Vegas NV for half-price. Dates for the LIVE Training/Workshop will be announced as soon as we get a better idea of when the country will be opening up all the way.-


For more info and or details on this or any trainings you can contact Rich Directly at 310-740-4667. Or email.




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