Your Clients Want the Magic, The Wow, The Hypnotic Phenomena !!! by William Mitchell

Why you want to Use Hypnotic Phenomena . Such as Amnesia, Hallucinations, Age Regressions, Age Progressions, Analgesia, etc. in Your Practice.

Clients come to a Hypnotist for the WOW, the MAGIC! A Hypnotist, unlike a talk therapist, has powerful resources available collectively known as Hypnotic Phenomena. The Hypnotic Phenomena is the Wow, the Magic that allows clients to make powerful breakthroughs! Our unique offering is inducing Hypnotic Phenomena such as Amnesia, Hallucinations, Age Regression, Analgesia, Hypnotic Dreams, Post Hypnotic Suggestion etc. Too many therapists induce trance and hope the subconscious will benevolently do something therapeutic. As a result many clients do not think they were hypnotized and fail to achieve positive outcomes. Your business and reputation will grow dramatically when you learn to use powerful and relevant Hypnotic Phenomenon.


William Mitchell B.A., M. Div., BCH,CI, FAAIM has hypnotized thousands of individuals since 1997 in groups and private sessions. He is the founder of Personal Motivation Hypnosis Clinics with two locations in Illinois with a primary focus on Weight Control and Smoking Cessation, and the Illinois State Approved School, Mitchell Institute of Professional Hypnosis where William teaches as a Certified Instructor for the National Guild of Hypnotists. In addition, Rev. Mitchell also serves as Pastor of First Baptist Church (American Baptist ABC) in Stonington, IL. and was honored with  the 2009 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention “Religion and Hypnotism Award” and was honored with the Mid America Hypnosis Conference “Hypnotist of the Year 2009”.  A Fellow of the American Association of Integrative Medicine, Rev. Mitchell was previously an adjunct faculty member at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine serving on their Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Panel. William also performs as a Stage Hypnotist for schools, fairs, and corporations.


The Rev. William Mitchell M.Div., BCH, CI