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We are going to cover all of the core skills you need to use Canva efficiently and effectively. I will teach you how to use all of the tools and elements available to you in Canva to:

  • Create Memes and Graphics
  • Make Posters
  • Design Banners and Channel art for your social media platforms
  • Use Text and Typography
  • Using shapes and lines
  • Adding icons and Illustrations
  • Working with pictures and filters
  • Adjusting color, alignment, and transparency
  • Exporting your work
  • Plus much more

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LIVE ZOOM TRAINING Sunday, October 18 at 5:00 pm EST

  • Boost your confidence.
  • Increase your charisma.
  • Learn the art of persuasion.
  • Become more likable.
  • Learn things to avoid that kill your confidence.
  • Learn how to socially influence people.
  • Become the strongest version of yourself.

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LIVE ZOOM TRAINING Sunday, Nov. 15th at 1:00 pm EST

  • Be confident giving a speech
  • Learn how to write a joke
  • Be able to walk into any party and command the room
  • Make people laugh

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  • Perform Hypnosis At An EXPERT Level for 1 Person or 1000
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  • Write Brand New COMEDY Sketches, Stories and Routines with Professional Comics
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  • How to be GREAT on Social Media, TV & Radio
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  • You will understand what hypnosis is and it’s benefits
  • You will be able to safely hypnotize other people
  • You will know how to structure suggestions in a meaningful way, to help others benefit from hypnosis
  • You will learn about different clinical approaches and how you can get started in the hypnosis industry

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  • 8 Week Program To Build Out Your Platforms
  • Have A Professional Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Channel
  • Know Exactly Who And How To Market To Your IDEAL Client
  • Create A Post Calendar To Deliver Valuable Content Easily
  • Learn How to Make Great Video To Grow Your Accounts Fast
  • EVERYTHING Done So You Can Finally Concentrate On Your Business

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  • How to Hypnotize Anybody, Anyplace, Anytime.   Even Hard Subjects in adverse conditions
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  • How to be great on TV, Podcasts and Radio interviews
  • Be the life of the party or any room you walk into.
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  • The 5 revenue streams that every hypnotist should be taking advantage of.

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