BETTER YOUR BEST – Where the Person You are Meets the Performer that You May Become

Helping you find and put together the right pieces to make you the performer you can be!

Our mission is to assist people from around the world and from all walks of life in achieving their highest potential.

Through the power of hypnosis and other proven techniques we assist people of all ages in discovering not only their personal talents but their purpose in life so as to best use those talents. By providing the proper tools and instructions we offer guidance toward developing maximum potential.

Success is not measured by only monetary reward. Money is a side bene- fit of success. You will discover what success means to you and then through purpose, chart your road map to your personal success as you move towards a wealthier lifestyle and unlimited possibilities.


About Terry Stokes:

After 30+ years of hypnosis stage shows all over the world, he has made tens of thousands of people say “Terry Stokes made me do it!”

Terry Stokes blends uproarious comedy, ingenious creativity and masterful showmanship in a way that leaves audiences both spellbound and thoroughly entertained. For more than 30 years he has delighted audiences throughout the United States and Canada.

Terry is one of the finest hypnotists performing today and provides an entertainment experience you will never forget. He performs to more than a million people per year and the crowds keep getting bigger! Buyers and patrons agree, for the most fun-filled evening imaginable, nothing can top this show!