Alan is an Executive Coach and Consultant for Start-ups, Turn a rounds, Re-Alignments and Organizations interested in Sustaining their Success. He uses Holistic System Thinking and Six Sigma Consultative Methodologies with a focus on Project / Operations Management. He facilitates Solution-Focused “Blue Ocean” Strategies that gets your desired results by identifying and reducing delays, defects, and quality deviations in infrastructure, processes and in the performance of your people.

Alan believes that prescription without diagnosis is a form of malpractice, so he begins with the assessment of an organization’s needs. He finds out where they are now, where they would like to be and help them craft a strategy to get them there. History, has shown Alan that issues in Organizations are usually categorized in one of a few areas. They are either the Organization’s Systems or Processes, Promotions or Marketing, Products or Services, Pricing, or either they have the wrong People or Resources, or right People in the wrong Positions.

Alan is a Master NLP Practitioner / Trainer and Executive Coach, and he uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to empower people. He develops metric driven strategies after identifying what an Organization needs to Start, Stop, or Continue doing to reach their goals, sustain their success, perfect their processes from concept to customer, and create their unique “Uncontested Market-spaces”. TEG also designs and customize Employee Training, Workshops, and Impactful Keynote Addresses to Inspire, Motivate and fit your needs.