Getting Off the Couch … Making Cold Calls Like a Pro

This is where a successful hypnosis career begin

You will Learn:

  • How to make sales calls to sell shows to schools, corporate and private gigs
  • How to compose a successful “sales talk” (THE PITCH) that works great for cold calls
  • How to properly set up a cold call for success
  • How to handle any objection
  • How to test the temperature with trial closes
  • How to ask for the “sale”
  • How to get referrals, each time, every time, even when they don’t buy

BONUS:  How to Re-Book without Fail

Michael is the KING of COLD CALLS!


About Michael:  He is a native Tucsonan and a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Sociology and an emphasis in Group Dynamics. Michael received his Hypnosis Training and Certification from the Westland Institute. He was fortunate not only to have great mentors in hypnosis such as Jerry Valley and Tommy Vee, but also to have had the opportunity to study under the Father of Modern Hypnosis, Dr. Ormond McGill. Michael is also a seasoned Motivational Speaker, Nationally Certified Trainer and Master Facilitator In addition to working with the hypnosis clients in his hypnosis center and training hypnotists as a certified instructor, he specializes in working with corporations, private individuals and students in the areas of Goal Setting, Team Building, Leadership Training, Communication skills and Life Coaching. Michael also holds his credentials as an Ordained Minister.

Michael was presented with the “Hypnosis Achievement Award” at the 2013 National Guild of Hypnotists Annual Convention.