Mark D. Lakowske is a sought-after, national & international motivational mindset expert, transformational Therapeutic Coach & Master Hypnotist who helps people let go of what isn’t serving them, so they can live their best life now! Mark has had the privilege of working with thousands of people all over the world radically change their lives & Break Free from the symptoms of anxiety, depression and fear fast! Mark’s programs & down-to-earth, effective process have gained renown for what they can do to change a life. When Marks not working with clients, He’s an instructor, motivational speaker & consultant who trains & talks nationally & internationally about the power of the mind and mindset, as well as teaching “The Awareness & Resolution Process”.  

Mark has a very down to Earth, yet some what theatrical style, that is motivating & entertaining! He also does live demonstrations & comedy stage hypnosis, mostly at historical events.

Mark is a proud graduate of The Meta Institute and The International School of Therapeutic Coaching & Clinical Hypnosis. He completed his NGH (National Guild of Hypnosis) training with Board Certified Instructor, Jane Govoni and is a registered certified member of that

Guild as well as the International Hypnosis Federation. Mark studied Hypnotherapy Business and is recognized as fulfilling all requirements for the Expert Hypnotherapist System with Australia’s premier Hypnotherapist, Helen Mitas. He has also done some course work through the California based Hypnosis Motivation Institute as well as various yearly conferences.


  • “Mark D. Lakowske is one of our NEW Rising Stars. Mark is a dynamic young presenter that is an up and coming leader in our field! His presentations promise to be excellent!” — Rev. William Mitchell

  • “I feel so guilty because I feel like I paid too little for this class! Mark gives SO much value and information! My mind is full of great ideas and the best part is I know I can leave here today and use this with my clients right away! I just love it and can’t say enough good things about Mark and his process. People need to learn this, it’s a nobrainier and a must! Worth every penny and then some!” — Allison

  • “You were amazing. Both of your presentations blew me away!” — Linda Knight

  • “I am still integrating the process in which I participated. You have an amazing energy and skill in transformational processes! Mark you are a brilliant young Hypnotherapist, whose sense of humor and joy to be serving others comes through in everything you do. Speaker, teacher, hypnotherapist and all-around magnificent human being. Trust me, Mark will be seen as a force for personal transformation in the upcoming years.” — Joe Craig

  • “I adore you Mark D. Lakowske! I highly recommend Mark’s training! I was a participant in his class and it was very transformational. I use the techniques with my clients with great success!” — Selena D. Valentine

  • “Great technique!” — Selena Midden

  • “I’m so proud of you. You created an Amazing class. I highly recommend this class. Mark D. Lakowske makes learning fun and the technique is so great to add to any practice. The certificate is great, but more than that the class is amazing! Mark D. Lakowske has a way of making his classes informational and SO much fun! I use these techniques in my practice and it truly helps my clients reach the change they desire!” — Angela Ernst

  • “Great class. Remember me when you are rich and famous and need that assistant/massage therapist. lol! I do see great success in your future.” — Janet Rapala

  • “Thank you for sharing. Great work Mark.” — Valerie Machall