Ever feel like you have lost your voice, or are not connecting when you speak?

Helen Moses is going to take you on a journey to amazing opportunities that are ready to find you when you speak confidently and with authenticity. Join her on her mission to help you unleash your voice, (re)claim your power, and reach your dreams. Each of us has a unique voice and message, and now is the time to share them with the world!

From an early age, Helen Moses didn’t feel confident. She was an authority-pleaser who worried about saying the wrong thing and avoided speaking-up out of fear of rejection. Through acting and singing she was able to hide, yet still draw the praise she craved for her performing ability. After earning her bachelor’s degree in vocal performance, she was drawn to the field of speech-language pathology, where she could help others who like her, had lost their voice. The patients she served who had survived strokes and brain injuries, but lost their ability to communicate, taught her to never take her voice for granted again.

When she launched her own voice coaching business in 2013, however, she was successful only in growing her business debt – not her business. It wasn’t until she began to apply her own advice – and deliberately use the skills she teaches others to be successful – that she began getting the results she really wanted. Helen now speaks confidently and comfortably from her heart, no longer afraid of rejection. As a result, she enjoys stronger personal and professional relationships, more income, better health, and bigger dreams. A sought-out speaker and coach who has spoken to Fortune 1000 companies, she helps her audiences and clients change their lives through speaking-up and speaking to connect – every time they talk – whether on stages, in the board room, or in difficult conversations.

Helen has over 30 years of extensive training and experience as a classically-trained singer, choir director, licensed speech-language pathologist, Distinguished Toastmaster, and business owner.  She was named North Carolina’s Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year for 2016-2017 and has served as the speaker coach for TEDx Raleigh since 2017.She believes helping others achieve success through how they use their voice is her life’s calling.