SASHA - Unlimited Sales App


SASHA – Unlimited Sales App

$3,000.00 $1,000.00




The new web-based sales app from HYPNOSIS WORLD will give you just that.   A simple easy to use process to deliver hypnosis programs, books, videos, and other digital offerings right from your CELL PHONE.

Better yet! Even if you do not have your own programs developed you can use the full line of ever-increasing materials from the HYPNOSIS WORLD library.  That means you can get started RIGHT now increasing your income and impact by being able to sell products all day every day right now with a couple of clicks.

Have your own line of digital items you want to sell more effectively.  The system provides you the ability to add your offerings onto the platform with ease and now you will always have something to sell no matter what time of the day and where you are.  Just remember to bring your cell phone with you wherever you go as it now becomes your new money machine portal.

You can now become a charter subscriber to the HYPNOSIS WORLD APP for 66% off.  It is only $1000 for COMPLETE LIFETIME ACCESS.   Yes, you read that right.   Pay the one time fee and you get to sell as many programs and products for as long as you want.  NO ADDITIONAL FEES or maintenance.   You can set your own price, then literally sell a few programs and own the complete system for FREE after that.  It pays for itself and you can start selling right now.  The lifetime value of this offer is crazy good and will only be offered for a very limited time before it goes to the real price for the official launch.

Take advantage of this deal right now and you will have your HYPNOSIS WORLD PROGRAM SALES APP in less than a week custom made for you.  PLUS as an added BONUS.  You also get UNLIMITED devices.  Yes, that means we will add it to your iPad another phone, etc.  Anything that YOU own.

If you would like more information call Rich at 310-740-4667 or email