How To Produce Profitable Retreats & Training Courses


How To Produce Profitable Retreats & Training Courses

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Elevate your event planning skills with our course on producing profitable retreats and training courses. Learn logistics, marketing, and budgeting. Register for exclusive bonuses, expert insights, and hands-on workshops. Ideal for coaches, trainers, and planners.



How To Produce Profitable Retreats & Training Courses


  • Have you been wanting to put together a retreat or training class but aren’t sure where to start?


  • Are you ready to transform your passion for teaching and training into a profitable venture?


  • Do you want to raise the bar and change the way you currently conduct live events and make even more MONEY?


What Will You Learn?


  • Logistics Made Easy: Simplify the complexities of event planning logistics  – Where, When and Type of Event


  • Practical Skills: Gain real-world insights into creating profitable and engaging retreats and classes.


  • Marketing Strategies: Master marketing to sell out your events.


  • Budgeting for Success: Learn how to manage your finances for maximum profit and minimum waste.

$1500 Value – NowOnly $197

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  • Event Planning Checklist


  • Step by Step Workbook


  • One-on-One Strategy Session


  • Certificate of Completion


  • Finished Funnel Live Online Course
    with Rich Guzzi  ($1000 Value)

Spots are limited, so sign up now and be on your way to hosting events that are both memorable and financially successful.

Course Features:


  • Interactive Workshop: Apply what you learn in hands-on sessions.


  • Real-Life Case Studies: Explore what works in the real world, not just theory.


  • Expert Speakers: Gain insights from guest speakers at the top of their fields. Yes, There will be a few surprise guests!

Who Should Attend:


  • Aspiring and seasoned coaches, trainers, and event planners.


  • Anyone looking to diversify their income through training programs, retreats and  events.


  • Professionals seeking to add profitable retreats and training classes to their portfolio.