Success Leaves Clues. And I Had No Idea What I Was Doing…

Success Leaves Clues. And I Had No Idea What I Was Doing…

By: Gerard V

I stumbled from one thing to the next. I thought I was doing the right things. I consulted with my peers. I searched the internet to see what others in my situation were doing. But my results sucked. I rationalized that my results were okay. “After all”, I would think, “what can you expect when you’re not famous and when there’s so much competition?” When I talked to others they were getting the same crappy results I was getting. I was doing at least as well as most of my peers. So this was normal. I was doing okay. I didn’t even really understand how bad my results were.

I’m talking about my website. And yours. Here’s the thing. When it comes to being successful, I don’t believe in competition. Success leaves clues. What they don’t tell you is that the hard part is to be able to recognize those clues and not be fooled by red herrings, and distractions. Success leaves clues. And if we are new to a topic, or inexperienced, we may not know where to look for those clues, or recognize them when we see them. And it’s what you don’t see that matters!

I didn’t stop where others stop. Before becoming a full time entertainer and “giving up my day job” I had worked in information technology, advertising, adult education, and management consulting. I am also in my own way a serial entrepreneur having started and run several successful businesses. I kept working on that website. I figured that if I could escape from competition and stand on my own then I would create a business driven by a website that generates all my bookings. My life would be simple. And it is.

Your website sucks. It sucks for 1,001 reasons that you cannot even see. You’re not dumb, you simply don’t know enough yet to see the clues for what they are. I’d be willing to bet that every person who reads this and has a website showed it to friends and family when it was done. “Hey I’ve got a new website, what do you think?” I’ll double that bet and add that everyone you asked told you that it was good, that they liked this or that. I’ll multiply that bet times 10 adding that no one told you your site was garbage. No one said “OMG, what is this crap? Someone clearly saw you coming!” Someone saw you coming. Would you like to know who that was and what they saw?

Here’s a clue. A question. How can it be true that every new website is good? Are people just being polite? Perhaps they simply don’t know what “good” is. Do their opinions even matter? Think about it. Do the opinions of your friends matter when it comes to whether to not your website is effective? Let’s keep going. Why did you ask friends and family to comment? What were you seeking? Was it reassurance? How come you don’t know for yourself, objectively, if your website is good or not good? Why don’t you know?!!! This is important! Given that it is possible to know objectively how good a website is, why did your web designer not include that information for you, so that you could know absolutely that it was good? So that you could prove that it was better than what you had before? If they could show you those numbers but didn’t, why didn’t they?

You asked your family and friends. But surely the only people that matter are your customers. Everyday they are telling you what they think by whether or not they book an appointment or a show. They’re almost certainly telling you that your website sucks. And most people don’t know how to listen to those answers, or what to do when they hear them. Would that be useful to you to know?

I’ll show you how I created a simple business model driven by a website that gains me 92% of my bookings. It keeps me busy. I get over 400 booking inquiries each year. I turn down over a third of them because I am too busy. I’m not famous. I am successful. What works for me might not work for you. So while I’ll show you what I have done, I will do better than that. I will show you the questions I asked that revealed the clues I needed. When you answer those questions for yourself you’ll have different answers to mine. When you get those answers clear you’ll know what to do to make your website work for you, so that you stand out. So that you fill a void in your customers’ consciousness. So that you get all the inquiries because there is no competition. So that your customers love it, and show their love by making bookings. This has been a fun journey for me, marked by moments of dismay, frustration, epiphanies, and hours of mind numbing technical tedium. Plus the nerdgasms of joy when I cracked a new concept. (I’m a total geek). Success leaves clues. Look for the clues. Let me help you find them.


Gerard V is a comedy hypnotist with experience in website design. He books more than 80 corporate engagements per year just from his website alone. He has previously worked in information technology, advertising, adult education, and management consulting. He is a  self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur having started and run several successful businesses. Gerard lives in Australia. He will be presenting at the Hypnosis World Conference on why your website sucks and what you can do about it.

Gerard will be speaking about how you can get it right. Come see Gerard V. LIVE at Hypnosis World Conference April 17-20, 2019 in Jacksonville, FL.

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