Has created and nurtured an integrative neuroplastic technique called ENHANCED ENERGYCOMMUNICATION. During this retreat, Ayse will utilize this multi-level protocol will take each attendee on a customized journey of MASTERING YOUR MIND where you will learn the secret to manifesting what you want into your world and taking control of your body’s mechanisms.

Next, you will be moving through a portion of the protocol where you will be RELEASINGTRIGGERS of your past pain, trauma and strain that causing you chronic pain in your body, strain in your relationships and challenges like depression in your everyday life. You will learn to TALK to your body and your energy in ways that will feel like magic and how to utilize this new GIFT.

Being an EMPATH is a challenge for many. Do you feel what others feel, either emotionally or physically? Do you find it overwhelming and it holds you back from living life to the fullest? Every one has a little Empath in them, you will learn to what degree, this one piece of knowledge and the strategies to take control of it will CHANGE what you may feel is a curse into yet another GIFT.

Ayse will teach you how to no longer be a victim of your body, your mind and your energy and instead she takes you onto your path to your POTENTIAL. You will walk away wanting more and with many new portable tools to easily integrate into your life.