Stage Hypnosis Done Right


Stage Hypnosis Done Right

$1,000.00 $200.00


Are YOU ready to learn the secrets of what makes an AMAZING Comedy Hypnosis Show?

How would you like NOT to have to compete against other hypnotists who are willing to work cheaply? 

One thing that we have learned from the past two months, if anything, is that the world of stage hypnosis for 99% of the business is vulnerable. This situation, my friend, does not have to be you! 

I am Rich Guzzi and for over 30 years I’ve been an entertainer.  Now I am going to share my expertise with you.

Success in this business all boils down to being good at three things.

1. THE SHOW   When everything starts coming back full swing, and it will trust me… the world is not coming to an end. )  

Be the ONE who has the show where the people are coming to see YOU! NOW, to do that, your show will need to have the WOW FACTOR. 

That means consistently having HIGHLY hypnotized subjects on YOUR stage doing SUPER FUNNY stuff that the other cheaper hypnotists can never pull off because they lack the skills. 

I want to show you the 8 STEPS on how to make that happen EVERY NIGHT!

2. PICKING THE RIGHT SHOWS   Start working for YOURSELF and not somebody else. Someone advertises a show up for grabs, and you bid on it. You are basically answering a job application and sadly, it most likely will go to the lowest bidder and not the one most qualified )  

Let me show you how to break that mindset, get out of the rat race, and with a bit of effort, learn to work three strategic weeks a year that will get you off to a fantastic start. 

3. SELLING YOU  Learn how to market BEFORE – DURING – AFTER your shows. Do this effectively, and it will make you unstoppable. I’m going to show YOU – 5 ways how to start making more money right now!

I have never offered this class before and quite frankly might never do it again. It is a LIVE 2-day online training experience over ZOOM, featuring the essential components of my in-person class.  

There are two ways to particpate

  1. Sign up for my  STAGE HYPNOSIS A-Z MASTERY CLASS  & attend this class for FREE



2. Buy this independently for this AMAZINGLY GOOD DEAL. of only $200.





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