Corporate Speaker Master Program with Anthony Galie


Corporate Speaker Master Program with Anthony Galie

$10,000.00 $5,000.00



Thinking About Being a Corporate Speaker?

Imagine being paid $5,000 to $15,000 for a single appearance. Imagine speaking at conferences and conventions for important groups of people, having them look to you for knowledge and advice, and then purchasing your books, CD’s, and products after your presentation.

Traditionally, professional hypnotists, magicians and entertainers with special talents have had few ways to make a living doing what they love. You could build a  show and try to work through the grueling circuit of bars, comedy clubs, colleges and state fairs for a few hundred dollars a night, or practice street acts which is fun and interesting, but most don’t even get paid to do it.

What if there was a better way? What if you could pursue your passion, help hundreds and sometimes thousands of people at once, and earn huge appearance fees to boot?

How Would You Like to Be Personally Trained by Anthony Galie?

Now you can.  Anthony will teach you step by step, how to enter the lucrative and exciting field of Corporate Speaking.

How would it work?
      1) After you enroll, you will receive all of the course materials, including an extensive workbook, A flash drive filled with over 8 Gigs of information, (books, videos, sample contracts, phone calling strategies, etc.,) A case of 5 DVD’s and a CD, and more.
      2) Next, you schedule the time that you want to do the training. This is up to you. You can schedule two full days, or set up weekly sessions until you complete the course. The beauty is that you get to set the pace, and you don’t have to travel.
      3) The training is done with either Skype, or Zoom video conferencing.
      4) I train you until you have completed the entire course.

With so many other Corporate Speaker Courses available, why aren’t dozens of other people showing you how to book these kinds of events? Easy. They don’t know how!


Anthony Galie is one of the speakers who literally invented the market for corporate speaking and regularly earned $10,000 per speech! 


Now he’s willing to help you do the same.

Anthony Galie is an internationally known author, psychotherapist, business trainer and keynote speaker with 30+ years of experience presenting to many of the world’s top organizations.

He was able to integrate hypnosis demonstrations into his goal-setting presentations that were wildly successful. He will help you take your unique skill and turn into a magical corporate presentation.

Anthony has presented in Rome, Paris, London, Cairo, Istanbul, Singapore, and many other countries.

If you want to break into the corporate market, you have to have a presentation that corporate audiences – not to mention meeting planners – will notice and respond to. But simply rebranding your existing hypnosis show isn’t enough. Successful speakers also use inside knowledge and experience.

You Will Learn…

  • The RIGHT Content for Corporate
    • How to mix entertainment with education and a business-friendly keynote and the best way to develop “buzz” within an industry or market.
  • Design Your Marketing Materials
    • Produce high-quality websites and industry-specific demo videos that get businesses to start booking you immediately.
  • Build Business Connections
    • How to develop profitable relationships with well-connected speakers bureau agents and meeting planners, and get them to market your presentation for you.
  • Your Passive Income Machine
    • Easy steps to becoming a published author and developing products to generate additional income after speaking presentations.
  • Increase Your Value
    • Negotiate high-value contracts that offer first-class travel and accommodations.
  • Your Corporate Image
    • The secrets of creating a professional image that corporate event planners respond to.




      “Anthony’s class was hand’s down the best class I have taken in my entire life. Anthony is a class act, but beyond that I left with the exact methods I needed to create an amazing corporate keynote, the contacts I needed to make it happen and the inspiration for a new business leadership book. I had a speaking gig within the first week, the CEOs of Hilton and General Electric Capital endorsed my book, and I am flying to Dallas next week to speak with a top booking agency. None of this would have happened if I had not taken Anthony’s class.” – Dr. Richard Nongard

      “If you’re thinking of taking your career up to the next level, course, if you’re on the fence about whether or not you should take this course, in the words of my beloved sister-in-law Carrie Fisher, DO IT! You cannot imagine the amount of information you get from this course.” – Catherine Hickland



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