Personal Training by Anthony Gaile


Personal Training by Anthony Gaile

$10,000.00 $5,000.00



Are You Still Thinking About Being a Corporate Speaker??
How Would You Like to Be Personally Trained by Anthony Galie?
Well, here’s your chance.
I’ve received emails from dozens of people around the world who want the training, but could not travel to Las Vegas for the two day program. Periodically I take on a few people who want to do the course, and train them personally over the net. For the same fee as the program, I will train you personally, one on one, from the comfort of your own home and custom design the training to meet your specific needs.
Yes, you read that correctly.
If you wish to be personally trained by Anthony Galie and be taught, step by step, how to enter the lucrative and exciting field of Corporate Speaking, this is your chance.
How would it work?
1) After you enroll, you will receive all of the course materials, including an extensive workbook, A flash drive filled with over 8 Gigs of information, (books, videos, sample contracts, phone calling strategies, etc.,) A case of 5 DVD’s and a CD, and more.
2) Next, you schedule the time that you want to do the training. This is up to you. You can schedule two full days, or set up weekly sessions until you complete the course. The beauty is that you get to set the pace, and you don’t have to travel.
3) The training is done with either Skype, or Zoom video conferencing.
4) I train you until you have completed the entire course.
You Can Really Do This
Many people are skeptical that they can actually enter the corporate market and start commanding 5K-15K per speech, but I did it for over 35 years and I’m telling you it’s not that difficult…………..if you know how. And that is exactly what you will learn if you attend the program.


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