Forensic Hypnosis For Legal Professionals


Forensic Hypnosis For Legal Professionals

$3,500.00 $1,600.00



Forensic Hypnosis for Legal Professionals

January 13-15, 2020 at The Lodge in Nashville, TN


  • Does playing jury chicken with the prosecution really work?
  • Are you tired of losing control of your client during a case?
  • Have you ever had a case suddenly fall apart and didn’t know why?
  • Do you have a fee rate based on the opposing counsel’s metrics?  
  • Did you know how to recognize the learning styles of clients, judges and jurors?  As in visual learners like lots of visuals, especially during closings. 
  • Did you know that the longer the criminal case lasts; the higher the penalty for your client, the less money you make, and the greater the odds of you losing the case in court.
  • Do you know how to spot the future jury foreman, during voir dire?  More importantly, do you know how to tilt the jury pool so that your choice of jury foreman is selected?
  • As a criminal defense lawyer there is only one thing that matters and that is winning.  

For Hypnotists:

  •             Are you bored with smokers and weight loss?  
  •             Are you up to applying your special skill set in a new and exciting way?
  •             You ever feel the high of beating a big law firm?  (Hint:  It lasts about 3 days!)
  •             You want to learn how to work with and support lawyers?
  •             Would you like to learn how the legal system really works?
  •             Did you know there are 127 lawyers to every 1 hypnotist in Tennessee?
  •             Have you ever had to convince a client to fight for $1.5 million?  (I have!)
  •             Want to be the coolest person in the room?  Become a Forensic and Trial Support      Hypnotist

 Think of the new opportunities for you!

 The More You WIN – The More You MAKE!

Imagine spending three days with a 16-year prosecutor that has handled over 7,000 cases and has a 93% trial win rate?

What if a trial consultant that has won his last 110 court cases in a row was there too?  What if the consultant took down a big law firm that has tried over 30,000 cases with an 87%-win rate and got their legal team yelled at by the judge?  

This three-day seminar is designed for one purpose only and that is to help you win in court.  Class size is limited to only 10 people to maximize the networking experience with the key principals conducting the training. 

The schedule highlights include:

Day 1

Introduction to Trial Support Hypnosis

Figuring Out What Is Really Important to the Client

FFIRE Divorce Protocol and F3EAD Protocol in Civil Trials

Lunch and Networking

Trial Timeline Population

Results Driven Client Progress Reports and Follow Up Sessions

The 7 Big Things in Mediation Checklist

Client Visits to the Courthouse (Fear and BRATE Protocols)

Dinner and Networking

Day 2

The District Attorney’s Steps from Arrest to the Trial Verdict

Law Enforcement Tactics and Interviewing

Common Mistakes that Defense Attorneys Make

Lunch and Networking

FFIRE Jail Protocol and F3EAD Protocol in Criminal Trials

Criminal Cases and the Fear and BRATE Protocols

Preparing Victims, Witnesses and Others in Support Roles

Preparing for Trial


Day 3

Field Interviews

Comprehensive Interviews

Forensic Interviews

Lunch and Networking

Crisis Management Support Operations I

Question and Answer Session about the Seminar

Advertising and Marketing with Rich Guzzi

Graduation, Class Pictures and Promo Videos

Dinner and Networking


More Info About the Seminar:

Each session begins at 10:00 am sharp, as most of you will either be commuting or in a hotel and the training will last until around 7:00 pm, January 13-15, 2020.

We will email you the week before the training and give you the address to the training facility, this is for security purposes.

If you would like more information, please email us at or call us at 310-740-4667


Fly into Nashville international Airport BNA – Southwest has direct flights from about 70 major cities.

If you need transport to and from the airport just let us know and we will pick you up.

Most hotels will serve breakfast till 10 AM

All other meals will be prepared by our private chef at the training facility. Please let us know about any special needs.

Book your hotel in White House, TN which is off Interstate 65 exit 108 and only minutes from our training facility.

There are 5 area hotels including Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express and more; the nicest one is the Hampton by Hilton

  • Hampton by Hilton- 404 Hester Drive   White House, TN   615-672-3993    
  • Holiday Inn Express- 206 Knight Cir. White House, TN   615-672- 7200  
  • Quality Inn- 354 Hester Drive White House, TN  615-672-7000    
  • Motel 6- 340 Hester Drive White House, TN  615-672-8850    
  • Comfort Inn- 140 Maiden Lane White House, TN  615-581-0040  


These Trainings are very comprehensive and packed with content.  Our Guarantee/Promise to you is that if you feel you ever need a refresher or just want to take the course again you can come to a future date the next time it is offered for half price.  Also if you can not make it for any reason after signing up you can always come to a future course of the same training even if there has been a price increase no questions asked or apply your tuition to another course offering.   The half price offer does not apply to the 10 Comics – 10 Hypnotist’s Comedy Writing Bootcamp.


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