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Treatment options are designed to fit your unique situation. Choose between a local practitioner or one of our nationwide hypnotic experts for your next hypnosis session.

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Are you a hypnotist? Do you want to work with our experienced team? Check out the available options. Skills training in hypnosis and hypnosis certification available!

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We offer the most comprehensive hypnosis and hypnotism training services available. Trust Hypnosis World University for certification, training, skills improvement, and much more.

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Your next hypnosis sessions can happen when you want and where you want. We’re all about convenience. In-person or virtual, our nationwide network of experienced hypnotists is here for you.

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Our hypnotists lead one-on-one sessions, groups, and large events. The world’s best hypnotists are here at


Explore our growing range of experienced hypnotists who specialize in the area of healing you need most: overcoming trauma, lose weight, quit smoking, and more.

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Whether you’re a clinical or stage hypnotist, we can help you forge a stronger, more focused career path. We offer skills training in hypnosis, hypnosis certification, and more.

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Do you want to lose weight, reduce stress, make more money, end procrastination, or improve your life in other ways? Trust our experienced hypnotists.

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Hypnotism is a powerful way to improve your life. We can help you stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, and live a healthier and happier life. Take control of your life today and forever.

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Help people overcome stress, anxiety, self-confidence issues, and much more. With Hypnosis World, your career as a clinical therapist will take off.

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Do you offer stage sessions or hypnotism for groups? Do you want to? Hypnosis World is the place to start. Learn how we can help you become a stage hypnotist.

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