Conferences and trainings can sometimes be grueling. You want to take advantage of as much of the learning as possible, hook up with friends and colleagues that you might not get to see as much as you would like, PLUS meet new business contacts to hopefully create more value going forward.

Add to that the fact that most events have an early start time, sometimes even 7:00 or 8:00 AM. That is a wake up when its still dark situation when you factor in getting ready and grabbing a quick bite to eat.

Do that a couple of days in a row and all of a sudden you can see that fun is not part of the equation any longer.

At the HYPNOSIS WORLD EVENT – That is about to change!

The Breakfast Buffet – which is included BTW – goes until 9:30 am

Then the first training of each day starts at 9:30

This way everyone can participate in all of the fun activities we have put together each night and still get a full nights sleep.

Each day lunch will be at 12:30 – Again INCLUDED and goes till 2:00 pm. Lunch will be set up with fun learning activities each day as well to add to your experience.

The Night Time entertainment schedule will dazzle you. And again it is INCLUDED

Wednesday night – THE RICH GUZZI COMEDY HYPNOSIS EXPERIENCE! A total audience interactive performance.

Thursday night – At The Comedy Zone Comedian JOSH BLUE, winner on LAST COMIC STANDING. Josh is an AMAZING act.

Friday night – We are going back in time for a 70’s Dance Party till ????? You are going to be so happy about that 9:30 am start time Saturday morning now. TRUST ME!!!

Saturday night – Elegant Night Dinner and Closing Event Party for all attendees who decide to stay overnight instead of going home.  This will be a great way to solidify all of the new and old relationships that were started or rekindled at this event.

PLUS we have so much more planned at the Hypnosis World Conference such as Psychic Readings, Massages, Paraffin Hand Wax stations and Video Sizzle Reel Production. Its going to be a blast and you would have to be crazy to miss this.