with Chase Hughes & Rich Guzzi

Tuesday August 10 - Wednesday August 11 , 2021

Las Vegas, TN at the Aria

Playing poker is a science - Playing the player is an art!

By Invitation Only

what it's all about

The Bullet Protocol
Gain the Mental Edge in Poker

The worst thing to happen to poker, the best thing to happen to you.
Who's the most dangerous player? The one who can see through you.
Winning happens in the mind, not on the table.
The upper hand isn't in your hand at all.
Deadly influence skills you will see in no other course.
The world's leading intelligence tactics expert reveals all 
The man who's hypnotized 1.6 million people exposes the secret loophole he found.
A device created by us that will fit in your pocket which is NOT considered cheating in any poker room in America that tips the scales like an elephant
You know the game, and there's always been a sense something has been missing.


You Get All This & More for Only $10,000

Periodic Table of Elements Poker Behavior Chart
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Elite Poker Event
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